Planter Design

Starting at $200 per garden; depending on number and size of planters. Our Planter Design fee includes a Garden Consultation.

A cohesive, abundant planter is your garden’s most impactful accessory. By artful design and careful implementation, Gardinia can help your home’s planters instantly become more welcoming, seasonal, and of course stylish. 

Every Gardinia Planter Design is custom to the client. When designing, Gardinia always takes into account the season, your home’s architecture, and your personal aesthetic. Existing planters may be used, or we can source new ones to better fit your vision. We might also suggest repositioning or adding to your existing planters for more impact. 

Once the Planter Design is approved by the client, we commence implementation. This entails cleaning your planters, refilling them with fresh soil and nutrients, and planting only the healthiest specimens. 

Beyond implementation, we also offer ongoing care so that your planters always look their best. This includes plant nutrition, disease and pest control, strategic pruning, and seasonal updates to create some extra cheer.