Modern to Traditional Planter Redesign

Here’s a recent planter redesign we did for a client’s traditional home with painted gray brick, burgundy front door, and fireclay brick landing. The client wanted to change her modern turquoise planters and asked Gardinia to create a more traditional and longer-lasting look.

The Before: Pink Chaos Coleus, Purple Germanium, Light Pink Blast Calibrachoa, and Ray Purple Vein Petunia in modern turquoise ceramic. This planter arrangement was all annual, a little psychedelic, and ultimately too modern for the home’s architecture.

The Before

The After: Blue Juniper Topiary, Black Pearl Heuchera, Variegated Euonymus, Firecracker Sedum, So White Gaura, Penny White Viola, and White Calibrachoa in classic Italian terracotta. This planter arrangement is mostly perennial, evergreen, and waterwise. We love how it makes our client’s burgundy door pop! 

The After

Our client was pleased! And the best part, she’ll be pleased three months from now. Fall can bluster all it wants, but this planter arrangement will still be alive and cheerfully green, from one season to the next.

Learn about Gardinia’s Planter Design service, so we can do the same for your planters.

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